The Rex Video Archive

Barrie, one of the owners of the Rex, is our official videographer. Now, we’re not saying that he’s short of things to do, but he does spend a lot of time shooting video. But who could blame him when you see some of the truly amazing and hilarious footage he manages to capture.

Barrie’s latest, and some would say greatest, ‘innovation’ is the “poop-scoop cam” (worldwide patent pending). It takes a keen mind to think about strapping a HD camcorder to the bucket of a disused poop-scoop, but the results speak for themselves. We’ve compiled a few of these groundbreaking video masterpieces for your enjoyment…

Pool + Dogs = Happy!

Nothing like a cool dip in the pool while hanging out with friends!


Summer Fun!

The worlds first and only Waterpark for dogs!


SHARK!…, I mean, Sophia.

We know Sophia looks scary but she has a great personality!


Nap Time!

Some guys can sleep anywhere!


The Watering Hole

Just like kids, dogs love the water park. Our geyser feature keeps the dogs occupied for hours. Oh, long summer days!


A Guided Tour

A wander through our lobby takes us to the play area where we find one white, wet and rambunctious puppy!


Fun Police

All day and every day is play time at the Rex! Some, who will remain nameless, would like to see a little less fun and they’re vocal about it!


Ramp it Up

If you were a regular guest you’d be familiar with the ramp. The ‘poop-scoop cam’ takes us on a journey up the ramp and back again!


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