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For the last 10 yrs Burger (on the Right) has been coming to Rex when we’re away. We love looking at their photos on line! We now have Bacon (on the left) who’s 2 yrs old & been coming to Rex with Burger since he’s one. Always a fun time for them & the facility is secure, we know they’re in good hands.

Hi Barrie and Karen and all the Rex staff,
Rasta just spent a couple of weeks at the Rex. She loves it, and is a happy dog when she comes home!
Thanks for everything.

Harley recently spent 4 weeks at Rex Dog Hotel while we were out of the country. We researched other boarding facilities but knew immediately when we arrived at Rex prior to our vacation that it was the right place. The staff took their time with Harley who is an anxious New Orleans rescue and Harley socialized very well with both staff and other dogs. It was comforting to see daily photos to see what she was up to and when we contacted REX we received a very quick reply! Harley will definitely return to Rex for future boarding. THANK YOU TO ALL THE STAFF AT REX!
Shari & Brennan

Consistently, little Darwin’s vacations to The Rex beat even my best trips abroad. When I check in on him online, he’s hanging with friends, frolicking in the wading pool, and not missing me one bit! Apparently he’s a party animal and is last to leave the playground. Me? Margarita and book in hand, I’m asleep by 10. Thanks to The Rex for making every holiday and business trip guilt-free!

Bruno loves his trips to Rex. He’s always happy to walk off with the staff and he comes home exhausted — the sign of a good time!

Junior always seems to have a wonderful time when he visits the Rex. The staff has always been very helpful and always treat everyone and their dogs with such care.
Thank you so much for giving us the piece of mind knowing that our Junior is always in good hands!

Thank you so much to all the staff at Rex for looking after our dog while we were out of town for 4 days. It is nice to know that you can leave your dog at the hotel and he will be cared for so well. He will be back for sure….

Dear Karen, Barrie, Judy, Gail and All the Wonderful Staff, Thank you again for taking such good care of my ’special needs’ dog, Moly, while I was away. The ’Molinater’ [Barrie’s term] came home, as usual, pleasantly tired from meeting new canine friends and having enjoyed quality play time. In the 4 plus years that Moly has been, either short term or long term, at the Rex Hotel, she has come home happy and healthy due to the care that she has received. It has been worth every penny to know that, when I am away, Moly is treated so well. Additionally, it is heartwarming, and comforting to me, when I am far away, to check out what Moly is doing by going on-line to see the daily photos. Moly loves her Rex time. I love that I am leaving her in loving hands.

hip loves coming to the Rex (& The Doghouse). I value his visits/stays as part of his rehab from being an abused dog left for dead and then placed on death row down in California. I can’t imagine sending him any where else and I won’t. And it’s fantastic how I can view his pictures online. He always looks so happy. Thank you so much for giving me a huge piece of mind especially recently when taking him at such short notice when I had to return to the U.K twice due to a family emergency.
Thanks guys for everything!

Having a little disabled dog limited me to who and where to leave Homer when I travelled, which I do often for work…. Upon finding The Rex Hotel and seeing how much he LOVES it there I can go away anytime and not worry. Meanwhile, he drags me in when we arrive and never looks back to say good-bye. What can I say other than The Rex is a one and only – the best solution when you love your dog as much as we Vancouverites do!!! Thanks guys for EVERYTHING!

This was Nala’s first visit to Rex Dog Hotel and her first time away from home. The daily picture updates were amazing! She came home happy and sleepy and smelling like a spa! We’re very thankful to the Rex staff, and would most definitely refer Rex to friends and family. Thanks again!

Strong is a senior dog and we are so happy that we have Rex as Strong’s regular place to stay whenever we travel. We have tried so many kennels before we finally found Rex. Rex is the only place Strong does not complain about at all. I have to say that we are so happy with what Rex has done to make each of Strong’s stays so happy and comfortable. As a senior dog, Strong sometimes really got into situations needing a lot of attention and care. Rex turns out to be excellent. They keep close contact with me and our Vet and they take Strong to our Vet whenever it seems necessary. We are so confident to leave Strong at Rex when we travel.

Thank you so much for your fabulous work and great love.


Zuka LOVES The Rex and always tells her friends to stay there when their humans aren’t available!

Ruby has been a frequent visitor at the Rex. I swear her digs there are often better than mine! And when I pick her up, she’s always one tired and happy pooch.

his was our first time at the Rex, having used the Doghouse for a couple years now. The experience from start to finish was very professional and friendly (just like the Doghouse) Having access to daily photos while we were away was comforting. And our dog, who is usually anxious, high energy and a little bit barky, has been calm, chill and polite since her visit.(I probably just jinxed it) I think a weekend stay at the Rex once in awhile will become mandatory. Thanks again guys.

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