Medical Requirements


To stay at the hotel we require that the following vaccinations are up to date:
  • Distemper combination
  • Bordetella (aka kennel cough)
  • Rabies

Titre tests are accepted if the results confirm that the level is sufficient to be considered effective.

Puppies must have completed their 3rd set of puppy shots plus bordetella. Some veterinarians are now recommending that rabies be delayed a few more months so rabies can temporarily be waived with confirmation from your vet clinic. This means that puppies are generally about 4 months old before they are safe to come to the hotel. Please note that this policy is in place for the safety of your puppy!

Other medical requirements

Please note that we are NOT A KENNEL and do not offer individual dog kennels, runs or cages. We provide an open group environment for boarding socialized and friendly dogs.

  • Male puppies over 7 months must be neutered
  • Female dogs in heat cannot be accommodated
  • We do not accept aggressive dogs
  • Please see our FAQ page regarding breed restrictions


In case of a medical emergency, we have arranged 24 hour medical care access with Vancouver Animal Emergency or Burrard Animal Hospital + Emergency.