Western Living

March, 2007
Canine quarters so swanky, they might keep Spot from coming home.
By: Lindsay Ford
The good news: It’s vacation time. The bad news: You foresee a wire cage in one unsuspecting family member’s near future. You picture the hamster like water container and the usually faithful canine who’ll morph into a bully come W-A-L-K time. You just can’t betray your best friend like that (the dog, not the family member). Well, neither could Don Muirhead, or Barrie and Karen Balshaw who aim to solve that doggy behind prison bars quandary. Catering to all of our “Rexes,” the family-owned Rex Dog Hotel + Spa strays from anything remotely resembling a kennel.

Pups will be privy to lavish pampering and have access to their own custom designed, loft style suites; a backyard water park set to open this summer; and gourmet snacks and spa treatments (doggy baths, fur-dos, nails treatments and long walks). For the hard to please canine, personal suites and private walks are offered. “We’re accommodating client needs with what dogs would experience at home,” explains Jon Sunderland, partner with SmartDesign Group. From the washable faux silk curtains and doggy safe leather couches for comfy lounging, to TVs and radios set to pooch friendly stations (we hear Oprah is a favorite), this is the home away from home for our four legged friends. $60 per night for the lounge area; $75 for suites. 760 Terminal Ave., 604-696-5166, rexvancouver.com.